I wanna be able to cuddle with somebody and watch movies under blankets and eat junk food and tell them I love you without any hesitation

gods bless the sponsors who give everyone 45mins free wifi at the air port

gods bless you all

Tomorrow I fly to see my girlfriend and all I can say is why is it not tomorrow already??


Why I Need the Birds

When I hear them call
in the morning, before
I am quite awake,
my bed is already traveling
the daily rainbow,
the arc toward evening;
and the birds, leading
their own discreet lives
of hunger and watchfulness,
are with me all the way,
always a little ahead of me
in the long-practiced manner
of unobtrusive guides.

By the time I arrive at evening,
they have just settled down to rest;
already invisible, they are turning
into the dreamwork of trees;
and all of us together—
myself and the purple finches,
the rusty blackbirds,
the ruby cardinals,
and the white-throated sparrows
with their liquid voices—
ride the dark curve of the earth
toward daylight, which they announce
from their high lookouts

Lisel Mueller, from Alive Together: New and Selected Poems (Louisiana State University Press, 1996)


i was a weird child who has since grown into a weird adult and i’m not saying my youthful reading material explains that but i’m not saying it is completely unlinked either